About Me

I'm a freelance creative web artist and developer, Web Apps are my favorite. Constantly searching for new goals and bigger projects and in the need to create mindful plannded structured Application that can be useful for humans not robots. Through new technologies in the web even one person can archive complex and greater structures in applications. With all these abilitys there are no barriers in creating any web experience.





PHP & Backend

Options for you

There are some things i can help you with. From planning and structuring all the way to Developing and Designing an online presence or platform.

Planning & Strategy

Before anything gets realized you need a plan for what is the right way to handle your idea.

Web Design & Development

Developing a webpage right is the key for the lifespan of any webapplication or buissiness page.

Animation & Motion Design

Animation is nowdays supported on most devices and enhance the UX for any app animations help to understand the effects of an action.


Sometimes an good conversation can make the change from a good application and agreat application made with love.

Latest Works

Here are some samples of my latest projects and studies.

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Hamburg, Germany


Monday-Friday 10.00 - 18.00